Hard Disk Upgrades for Laptops and Desktop Computers. Sometimes your computer may be running fine, but you just need more space. We can upgrade your hard disk WITHOUT reinstalling Windows, so your software is still installed as it was, and your data is all there too. Your PC or Laptop is exactly the same, but with more storage space!

Video or Graphics Upgrades.
It's usually possible to upgrade the video/graphics card in your computer, to improve graphics resolution, improve speed, get better frame rates in games and movies. We can upgrade your graphics card from approximately 25 + Parts.

Wireless Network Card Upgrades. If your PC or Laptop can't connect to your Router because it's at the other end of the house or office, this can often be fixed by upgrading the wireless LAN card. Whether a desktop PC or a laptop, the wireless card can be upgraded to improve range and speed..

RAM (or Memory) Upgrades. One of the most common reasons why your PC or Laptop may be running much slower than it should is that it's short of RAM Memory. Especially in older machines, a RAM upgrade is a cheap way to speed up your computer. We can upgrade the memory on your computer or laptop for 12.50 + Parts.

Operating System Upgrades. If you want to use the latest technology, we can upgrade your desktop computer or laptop to the latest operating system. We will check it first to make sure there are no faults, and that the specifications match the hardware requirements, then if all is well, upgrade your OS to the latest version..

Advice. When money is tight, the trick is knowing when to repair old hardware (sometimes an old machine is perfect when used as a print server for your office) and when to replace it with new equipment. We've seen mistakes made in both directions. Call and speak to us and we'll give you honest advice.

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Desktop Computer and Laptop Upgrades.

If you live in the Southampton area and you're looking for a way to upgrade your PC or Laptop, we can help.

There are various upgrades for desktops and laptops that can improve performance, improve graphics, or increase storage space.
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