Managed and Unmanaged Backups - What's The Difference?

UNMANAGED: Whether you setup some kind of backup system yourself, or have someone else do it for you, it will normally be unmanaged. This means that the backup will have been setup and configured, then tested (you DO test your backups, don't you...?) but after this the backup system is left to run automatically. You may receive emails which report the status of the backups, but here's the important part, it's YOU or a member of your staff who will be responsible for checking that the backup is working properly and reporting any problems to your IT Support provider. That's okay if you have the time, and the experience, to keep on top of it every day.

MANAGED: A Managed Backup is similar to the above, but with one very important difference. An experienced technical support person will check those emails for problems, looking into any errors, and either correcting them using remote support, or bringing them to your attention if onsite work is required to remedy the problem.
Which type of backup is best? ~ Of course you know the answer already! But why?

In an ideal world, we configure your backup system for the size and type of data (mainly text files, or large amounts of graphical data?), and your physical layout (do you have a building in your grounds that can house a backup, but far enough away from the main building to be safe in the event of a fire?), and after this point you are left to monitor the email reports on a daily basis. Some customers do this very seriously - the future of their business is at stake.

In reality what happens is that gradually people stop taking the "offsite backup" actually offsite and instead keep all the backup drives in the office because it's "easier", then they forget to change the backup drives over each night and instead do it weekly, or less.  Then finally, they stop reading the backup reports, so they miss the fact that the backup has been failing for the last 6 months because the drives have filled up or developed a fault, or they forget to login to their "cloud backup" control panel to check that everything is still working (or that their cloud backup provider is even still there!). We have arrived at a new customer to find their backup failed a year ago!

Imagine now there's a fire, burglary, or just a hardware failure, and your data is lost or stolen. Your payroll, accounts, customer database, designs, specs, all gone. And you may have breached the Data Protection Act when your unencrypted customer data goes missing. Backup is boring... until you need it.....
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