Backup Options for Home Users:

Hard Disk or Memory Stick Backup.
  Those photos & videos of toddler's first steps can't be taken again! Whether it's unforgettable memories, songs that took ages to find on the internet, or letters you really don't want to write again, why go through the heartache of losing them, or the cost of having them recovered from your hard disk when it fails? (and it will you know, eventually...) You can protect your data from virus infections too.

If you have a spare memory stick or an external hard disk, we can install and configure a backup system that will automatically backup the data from one PC, in minutes, making sure your memories are safe. We can also supply the hardware (extra cost option) if you don't already have it. All this for only 40 !
Network Backup. If you have more than one computer at home (and especially if you have a Home Server) with spare drive space we can install & configure a backup system that will use your existing hardware to backup over the network. We can even encrypt it so that the other PC user can't access your data even though it is stored on their PC!  This means parents can save money by using one of their children's PCs as a backup device.

Backup 2 or 3 PCs with no extra hardware for only 70 !

Or, with a full Home Server solution we can setup a server for all your home data which is also backed up overnight so you never have to worry about manual backups again.
* NEW * Cloud Backup. Only 4.16 / month! If you only need to backup a few critical documents or pictures, it's possible to securely backup your data over the Internet while keeping it encrypted so that only you can restore it in the event of a virus infection or hard disk problem.

The backup happens during quiet moments or in the background using minimal system resources, and no-one has to remember to take the backup manually. Your data is safe, off-site, so if the worst happens, you can restore everything to your PC (or a new one) once the problem has been fixed. ONE Price for unlimited data.

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for your PC or Mac from 4.16/month.

Data safety made simple for you.

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