Option 1 - Virus Removal Without Reinstallation.
This is our preferred option as it leaves your applications, printer, setup, etc, largely untouched. If you only have a certain number of infections on your computer we'll attempt to remove them without disturbing anything else on your machine, leaving it free of infection, then return it. Our fixed price removal means you don't have to worry about how long it takes. Please note: This option does not include data backup and replacement. If you are worried about data loss, we can backup your data to protect against loss for a small extra charge.

Option 2 - Format & Reinstall of Operating System, Drivers etc.
Where a computer is infected by multiple threats, especially if one of these is a rootkit virus, often the only option is to format the hard disk and completely reinstall the operating system, device drivers, and all security updates and service packs. We will also install some free security software if you have not elected to use a more comprehensive paid-for solution. Please note: If we have to use this option, it does not include data backup and restore. We can offer this service at a small extra charge if required.

Get Protected - Stay Protected. Security Software at Great Prices.
We can also supply leading security software at very competitive prices to help prevent the problem happening in the first place, and give you peace of mind as you shop, bank, or trade on the internet.

Although we will make every effort to leave your files unchanged and keep them safe. We accept no responsibility for files or applications lost or deleted during work on your computer . Occasionally it may be necessary to delete or over-write files during the process of virus removal or reinstallation.

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Viruses and Spyware are a huge international business
designed to hijack your search results, steal your user names and passwords, then steal your money.

If you are seeing unwanted advertising pop-ups, your web searches are being redirected to sites
you didn't want, or your PC is running very slowly and generally misbehaving, then it is likely that your
PC is infected with a virus.
Your passwords are probably compromised already and should be changed as soon as possible.

If you think your computer is infected, call us now. We can protect your data, and limit the damage.     

Fixed price options for Virus removal (we collect and deliver back to you).

Worried about cost?

Over 70% of our Home callouts are fixed for less than 50 !
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and we'll listen to what you can tell us about the problem, and give you an idea of cost before we visit so there are no nasty surprises.
Prevention is better than cure . . .
(and cheaper too!)

We can supply and install Symantec Security Software for less than the price of Virus Removal.

Why wait until
you're infected?
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