Boot Failure.

If your computer DOES power up, but either crashes on startup or simply locks up at some point when the Desktop appears, the problem is likely a software issue. Maybe a few vital files are corrupt, or maybe a virus or spyware infection has messed up your settings. We can usually sort out these kinds of problems without having to reinstall the operating system. If a reinstallation IS necessary, we can reinstall the operating system, device drivers, and all security updates to ensure that when your computer is returned to you it will run as safely as possible and be protected against further virus or spyware infections.

Please note: If we have to reinstall your operating system on your original hard disk, this does not include data backup and restore. We can offer this service at a small extra charge if required.

Hard Disk Failure.

The reason for your startup problems may be a failed (or failing) hard disk which has corrupted vital files needed to boot up your computer. We can usually replace the faulty disk, reinstall your operating system, and get your machine up and running again. No need to buy a new computer!

Please note: If we have to replace your hard disk and reinstall your operating system, this does not include data backup and restore. We can offer this service at a small extra charge if required.

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Computer Startup Problems.

If you press the power button and nothing happens, we can test for power supply faults, system board faults, and replace the damaged parts onsite to get your computer up and running again.

If the fault is major we may take the machine to our workshop and continue diagnosis there where we have more tools and equipment.
Worried about cost?

Over 70% of our Home callouts are fixed for less than 50 !
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Broadband OK but you have another problem for us to fix?

Our Remote Support software allows us to work on your PC/Mac via the Internet!

And, we'll give you a 35% Discount on our onsite rates if we use this method to fix your computer.
* conditions apply

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