Hard Disk Data Recovery.

If your computer or laptop won't start, and you're worried about losing data, we can rescue your data from hard disk, or memory stick, and recover your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, your family photos, favourite films, and iTunes music. Turn it off to avoid further damage. Call us now. We can help.

Laptop LED or LCD Screen Replacement.

You don't need to buy a new laptop just because the screen is broken. We can dismantle it, replace the screen, and reassemble it. Prices start at 75 including the screen.

Screen Inverter Repairs.

Inverters power the LCD backlight, so if it fails, the screen goes dark. Luckily they can be replaced for 25.00 + parts. Some inverters are less than 20, but a few are much higher, so call for a quote.

Laptop Power Socket Repairs.

We can replace DC power sockets on most laptops for approximately 75 plus parts. Sockets are usually very cheap, but please call for an accurate quote for your model.

Keyboard and Trackpad Replacement.

Spilled booze, juice, coffee or (eeeuw!) something worse on your laptop keyboard? We can replace the keyboard for 25.00 plus parts. Keyboard prices vary between 17.50 and 50.00, so call for an accurate quote.

Computer Maintenance.

Your computer should be checked at least once every six months to ensure that problems are fixed before they become emergencies. We can clear the air vents to prevent overheating, remove old or unnecessary software, and tune up your system so it runs fast again. We'll also give you a free health report on your hard disk so you can catch problems before they are disasters. Full System Tune-up: 37.50

Virus Removal and other faults.

If you think your laptop has a virus, visit our virus removal page for a list of do's and don'ts. For anything else, or if you're just not sure what's wrong, give us a call, describe the problem as best you can, and we'll give you an idea of what we can do to help, and an estimate of the cost.

Call 02380 236091 now to discuss your laptop repair needs.

We offer a 10% discount for students in Southampton.

We understand that money is tight, and recent changes have made that worse for many of you, so not only do we offer a 10% discount for Southampton students of all ages (with valid I.D.) but we also collect and deliver for FREE so you won't have to miss lectures or pay for taxis.

Our computer repair service for students in Southampton offers a fixed price option, and a FREE collect and return service. We support and maintain Pcs and Laptops for many Southampton students already.
Student Computer & Laptop Repairs
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